Natural Relief For Acid Reflux

Natural Relief For Acid Reflux Baking soda is real effective in neutralizing the stomach acids. Just put a spoonful into a tall glass of water and drink up. You may find it squelches the symptoms faster than taking any medication, and is quite safe with no harmful side effects.

The spice ginger has some medicinal qualities. Adding fresh ginger to food and drinks may help to control acid reflux. Ginger can be added to a lot of foods as well as to teas. A lot of Chinese cuisines use ginger in their recipes.

Herbal teas have medicinal qualities as well. Check with your local health food store for herbal teas that help with digestive issues.
There is an herbal tonic called Swedish bitter that contains thirteen detoxification herbs. Europeans have used bitter herbs for thousands of years to help with digestive problems.

Also – avoid doing things that will cause acid reflux to be worse. The valve that connects the esophagus to the stomach will be relaxed from drinking alcohol, caffeine and from smoking cigarettes. So avoid doing these things and see if the symptoms of acid reflux will go away.

Did you know that if you continue to take antacids on a regular basis your body will go into an acid imbalance. These natural remedies for acid reflux will work without any of these types of harmful side effects. And you don’t need a prescription from your physician to try them

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